Viaduct Improvements
Storm Water Collection System
Anderson, SC

For several years the City of Anderson has been considering design alternatives to improve deteriorating drainage conditions under an elevated concrete parking deck. The improvements are part of a master plan to infill a congested downtown urban area which for decades contained the Gallant-Belk department store. The store closed in the 1980ís and City Council approved its demolition in 2005.

Chandler Construction Services, Inc. negotiated a contract to install a surface water collection system comprised of 30-inch and 18-inch diameter drainage lines and a series of grate inlets and junction boxes. The primary challenge was working in close proximity to an operating rail line and the resulting limited operating space.

A detailed preconstruction survey was completed prior to mobilizing equipment to the site. Specialized ìhi-railî equipment was used to minimize impact to the railroad right-of-way. Structural work included reinforcing failing footers and columns. A 24-inch diameter directional bore was completed under the railway to channel surface water drainage to a newly constructed outfall. As surface improvements were made to existing curb inlets, catch basins, downspouts and roof drains, future erosion was controlled and demolition of the building began.

After notification was submitted to South Carolina DHEC for the abatement of asbestos-containing building materials, a lead-based paint survey was performed to characterize demolition debris for proper disposal. In the Fall of 2005, the century-old landmark was demolished to make way for future development.