Folly Bend Subdivision, Underground Utility Construction, Greenwood, SC

A rolling agricultural tract located on the west side of Greenwood, SC was selected by a local developer to create a 55 lot residential subdivision.  Chandler Construction Services, Inc. was contracted to construct approximately 5,500 LF of 4-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch diameter gravity sewer along with more than 3,000 LF of domestic water piping and underground fire protection.

Easements are being secured and pipe laying has begun on the gravity sewer system.  Deep cuts were encountered where the 10-inch sewer ties into an existing manhole maintained by the Greenwood Metropolitan District.  As pipe laying progresses into the interior of the planned subdivision, excavation depths will shallow and construction will begin on the network of individual services.  Installation of the domestic water system will begin in the upcoming weeks.