Stockman Branch, Gravity Sewer Collection System, Greenwood, SC

Challenging topography, several large-diameter gravity bores and numerous creek crossings had to be considered when Chandler Construction Services, Inc. prepared a bid to construct more than a mile of 16-inch, 18-inch and 24-inch diameter gravity sewer throughout the south side of Greenwood, South Carolina. Connector sewers will be installed to service single family residences, an apartment complex, local businesses and industry. Work began in April 2005 and is scheduled to be complete in 2006.

In mid-June, pipe crews completed construction on new 24-inch diameter ductile iron trunk sewer designed to replace existing facilities. Extensive bypass pumping was required to accommodate tie-ins and installation of new service laterals. A 48-inch diameter, 250-foot long bore was completed 15 feet under Highway 25 Bypass and 24-inch diameter carrier pipe was successfully installed on grade and ahead of schedule. As the project moves into the summer months, crews will work 6-7 days each week to maximize production.